Frequently Asked Questions


To help you out, below is a list of frequently asked questions:

  • Opening hours

    We are open from 6.15 am to 5pm Monday to Friday with the office attended from 7am till 4.30pm. We do not have late nights, and do not open on the weekends. We will open up on the weekends if you are coming from Auckland, Tauranga etc to collect your meat however a time must be pre-arranged with the office.

  • Do you come to my farm?

    Yes we do - Our kill truck is on the road 5 days per week covering the greater Waikato area. We travel from Paeroa to Tokoroa, Otorohanga and Te Awamutu, Raglan and most places in between. Our kill truck runs will cover one area each day - e.g. Morrinsville today, Matamata tomorrow etc. As a general rule, we like to have at least 10 animals in the area before the truck comes back into the area, so if you are booking in a beast allow us at least 2 woking weeks.

  • Can I send in cattle to your factory?

    You sure can - we kill on a Tuesday and Thursday starting at lunch time.
    Cattle need to be booked in with the office and be at the factory by lunchtime on Tuesday or Thursday or you can send them in any time on Monday and Wednesday. The cost is slightly less that if our truck comes to the farm to take into account your time and effort in loading them at home.

  • Do you do pigs on the farm

    The short answer is no. Pigs must always be delivered to our factory as our killing truck does not have boiling water facilities for taking off the hair. We kill on a Tuesday and Thursday at the factory. Pigs must be at the factory before lunch on Tuesday and Thursday or any time on Monday and Wednesday.

  • Can sheep be killed on the farm?

    Yes we can however, our slaughterman will only kill sheep if they are also killing a beast at the same time.
    Sheep are killed at the factory weekly on Tuesday or Thursday. All animals must be at the factory before lunch on Tuesday or Thursday or you can bring them in anytime during our opening hours on Monday and Wednesday.
    Please remember to book your animals in before arriving at the factory.

  • Do you deliver?

    We most certainly do - our delivery trucks do the same run as the killing truck 8 days later. Our delivery driver is more than happy to drop your beast back to your farm - however, we do not deliver to your cousin, or friend in town - only back to where the beast was killed.

    Your cousin or friends will need to collect their meat from our factory or pick it up from you.

  • Do you have EFTPOS?

    Yes we do! We do not accept credit cards but eftpos is welcome. We also now accept FARMLANDS CARD

  • Once you have processed my meat can I sell it?

    No. It is against the law for you to sell your meat once we have processed it. Click Here For Details.

  • How much meat will I get from my animal?

    This is an interesting question and one that there is no straight forward answer to. The amount of meat off a beast once processed can vary a great deal due to the time of year and condition of the animal when slaughtered.
    As a very general rule - a dead cow will weigh approx half that of the live weight and you will receive back between 60-70% in meat and bones.

  • How long until I get the meat back?

    Generally for cattle the process takes 8 days from killing until your meat is ready. Your animal is hung for 6 days, cut up on the 7th and delivered back on the 8th day. If you have a specific deadline or date in mind please let us know when you are booking it in. Please remember that we need to have at least 10 cows in your area before we will come to your area so make sure you allow us at least 2 working weeks.

    Pigs and sheep have different processing times depending on what you are wanting to have done so check with one of our friendly staff when booking in your animal.

  • Do you have a trailer we can use to bring in our stock?

    Yes we do - there is a small charge of $5 to borrow our trailer, with a security deposit required if you are new to the company.

  • Can you process goats, pigs or deer I have killed when hunting?

    Absolutely - just give us a call to let us know what you have before bringing it in.