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Porterhouse Steak
Rump Steak
Fillet Steak
Scotch Fillet Steak
Corned Silverside (G/F)
Rolled Rib Roast
Blade steak
Topside Roast/Schnitzel
Thickflank Steak


Brisket usually goes into mince and sausages so if you select brisket this will reduce the amount of mince you will get back

Stewing Steak


You will receive more mince over sausages unless requested otherwise.
Please refer to the comments field at the bottom of this form.

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Beef Cheeks

Other Sausage Options

Please remember that any of these options will take away the equivalent mince or sausage (Extra charges will apply)

Boerewors sausages $7kg G/F
Polonies $7kg
Kransky Sausage $9kg (w/ cheese)
Texan Chilli $7kg G/F
Cracked Pepper & Merlot $7kg G/F
Chorizo $7kg G/F
Beef & Onion $7kg G/F
Honey mint & rosemary $7kg G/F
Herb garlic $7kg G/F

Meat Patties

Each box of patties will reduce the number of packets of mince you receive.

Boxes $6kg (3kg box)
Gluten free boxes $9kg (3kg box)
Swiss roll plain Box $7kg (3kg box)
Swiss roll boxes $10 G/F (3kg Box)


Each salami selected will reduce the number of packets of mince you receive.

Plain Salami $10 each G/F
Pepperoni Salami $10 each
Garlic Salami $10 each
Dog Rolls $8 Each