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Founded by 'Wally and Raewyn' in 1971 we have founded our reputation on service and quality. We operate throughout the Waikato and visit most areas every two weeks to kill and collect animals for processing in Hamilton.


Company History

In 1971 Wally and Raewyn founded Wally Smith Mobile Butchery. Back in those days, Wally would come out to the farm, kill the beast and package it right there on site.

But even then he knew that the best way to get the best from your meat was in ageing.

So in 1973 Wally and Raewyn rented a shop in Te Rapa and started bringing the carcuses back to the depot for ageing.

Then the word spread!!!

Farmers were delighted in the product they received back - tender, tasty and packaged just the way they asked.

As demand grew, so did the staff and the need for bigger premises. So in 1999 Wally and Raewyn changed the name to 'Wally Smith Killing & Processing', and built a customised factory in Duke Street Frankton, complete with killing facilities on site. Built to export standard and beyond, we now offer the biggest, best and most hygenic factory in New Zealand.

We now offer both on farm and factory killing of cattle and factory killing of pigs and sheep.

Free offal removal at the time of slaughter and free delivery back to the farm after processing make dealing with 'Wally Smith Killing & Processing' simple, hassle free and clean.


Our dedicated team work to their very limits each day to ensure that the product you recieve back is the absolute best it can possibly be - just ask anyone about our sausages!


Professional and effective home kill and processing services

Ever wondered why an animal that is killed by a home kill is better tasting than the stuff you buy at the supermarket - well the short answer is no-stress.

Imagine the trauma that steak has gone through to get into the chiller at the supermarket:
  1. Rounded up and stuck in a set of yards
  2. Put on a truck and travelled for miles.
  3. Unloaded and killed immediately
  4. Vacum packed before its aged
  5. In the chiller at the supermrket within 5 days
  6. On the shelf within 6.

With home kills your cow is happily grazing in the paddock - a truck pulls up - boom dead. no stress no tension :-)

Then that happy carcus is hung in a temperature controlled chiller for 7 days to maximise flavour and tenderness.

Day 7 sees your meat being cut and packaged to your specific requirements and delivered back to you on day 8.

No fuss - no hassel - no stress - just the best tasting meat in town and 100% guaranteed to be the one from your farm no Joe Bloggs one from down the road.

How we help:
  • Beef and Sheep killed on farm.
  • Beef, Sheep and Pigs killed at factory.
  • Cut and packed to your requirements.
  • Fast and efficient service

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